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What is Goodwill's

Ready. Set. Work.


The Ready. Set. Work. Program is designed to enhance job readiness of an individual through a blend of classes and coursework, real-world job skills training, and a variety of web-based certification programs.  The program adds value to all participants regardless of prior job experience or barriers.


This curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics including Job-Readiness Skills like Interview Preparation and Resume Building while also covering specialized areas like Customer Service and Social Interaction. 

Job Skills

Hands-on and real-world experience is ideal for becoming job ready and more employable.  Though not web-available at this time, Job Skills training include Retail, Food Service, Production, Clerical, Office Management, and Janitorial.


Specialized certifications are valuable, adding a powerful attention grabber to a resume and increasing experience and skillset. Certifications range from ServSafe to Office Ergonomics.

Comuniy Training

Employee & Client Orientation

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Additional Employee Training​

Employee Training
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