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I think most of us can agree that snow globes are one of the most nostalgic and favorite decorations for winter. The picture perfect towns and winter scenery inside of them is something we all dreamed of. This DIY will bring back all of nostalgic feels - not to mention it's the cutest and easiest project! Keep reading for a step by step on how to make your own personalized snow globes 


Head to one our 5 stores and search for the following things: Winter Village houses/buildings, large round clear bowl/cake dome, plates/flat services that will fit around the opening of your dome/bowl


For the Winter Villages - you can pick whatever type of building you'd like! I chose a church and a house. Make sure that whatever size you get, they will fit inside your "globe" :) 


Next, find a good size clear glass bowl or cake dome! I found 2 very round glass bowls that are perfect for the snow globe look! But, if you aren't able to find anything this round - don't worry! Any type of clear bowl or dome will be just perfect! 


Lastly, look for a surface for your snow globe! I decided to go with the rustic look and used these wood slabs. The smaller one I found at Goodwill and the larger one I found for 5 dollars at the craft store.


All of the other supplies needed can be found at Walmart or any craft store! 


Next, grab your round plates/bases, your trees, your dry buildings, and your glue! Figure out a good placement for everything on your base - once you're happy with everything, glue them down! Not much glue is needed for this step.


Once you've got all of your supplies handy - your first step is to paint. With your white acrylic paint, paint your buildings completely white. This may take a couple coats- just make sure the coats are dry before applying the next! 


While your paint is still wet, if you'd like, sprinkle some fake snow on your buildings - this step is optional.

thumbnail_IMG_7001 (1)-2.jpg
thumbnail_IMG_7004 (1)-2.jpg

Now that everything is glued down and in place, sprinkle some snow around your village! you can glue some down, or let it all just be free to move! Make sure you have something under your base, because this step can be messy :) 

Once you have all of your snow sprinkled around, it's time to glue your bowl over top!

Before you place your bowl/dome over top your beautiful winter setting, take some glue and CAREFULLY glue around the edges of the opening. This is probably the trickiest step - making sure your glue doesn't drip down the sides of the bowl (this won't take too much glue either). 


After you have your glue applied, carefully flip the bowl over and place it around your village and onto the base - make sure you are setting it where you want it to stay, because once it's on it won't come off! Hold it there for a couple seconds, ensuring that is is secure on the base. Let the glue dry.

thumbnail_IMG_7029 (1)-2.jpg

Once you have finished all of those steps.. ta da!! You have beautiful, homemade snow globes. These are the perfect decoration for a centerpiece on a dining table - or, lets be honest.. can be a decoration for anywhere in the house! 

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