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Written By: Ellie Grim 


This DIY project only cost me... wait for it.. 3 DOLLARS! This one was super fun to create and took less than an hour! First, find yourself some mason jars! It's very common that your local Goodwill will have some, whether they're clear or colored, it doesn't matter! Either one will work. If they don't have mason jars, no worries! Any type of jar or vase would still be super cute for this DIY! 

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Gather your paint and decide on your colors. If your Goodwill doesn't have craft paint, head to your local big box or craft store and grab some little bottles! I chose black, white and orange - be creative and pick whatever colors you want! n and each of them were just a dollar! One of my favorite parts about this project was picking out the baskets - there were so many to choose from and it was so fun to find different shapes and sizes.


PAINT! no need to prep your jars, just go ahead and paint away! This is where you get to be creative. You can look up inspiration pictures on Google or Pinterest (there are tons of ideas) or use your own ideas! I decided to do simple stripes and pumpkins. I suggest painting two coats for a distressed look or more if you prefer them completely covered. 


Stripes: I would suggest sticking some Scotch or painters tape around your jars to keep your lines straight. I probably should have done this step but the imperfectness of the jars is also very stylish. :)  


Pumpkins: These were super fun! For my pumpkins, I took an eraser from the top of a pencil, dipped it in orange paint and just stamped it right on the jar! You can space out each circle of the pumpkin as much as you'd like - I overlapped mine a little bit, then took my small paint brush and added little green stems! 


Once you've finished painting, let them dry for about an hour. Use these for whatever you wish! They can be used as décor around the house, vases for any fall greenery or flowers or even utensil holders for a party! There are no rules when it comes to creativity. I decided to use two of mine for vases and one as a tea light candle holder :)

(They look super cute when they're lit up in the dark!)