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Your first step [and you could probably guess] is to head to your local Goodwill store to gather supplies. This DIY was probably the easiest for me to find exactly what I needed in one trip. Two things you will never fail to find at any of our stores...a picture frame and a vase! Find ones that fit your style best - I went with a simple white oak-colored frame and this fun vase that had a wire handle around the top, which was perfect for securing the string. You can also choose one that has a wider lip at the top, which you will see why soon.


On your shopping trip, you will want to check for string or yarn and some greenery/flowers (you can also use real ones if you prefer). If Goodwill doesn't happen to have either of these, your local craft store will for just a couple of dollars! 


Next, simply take out the glass of the frame, any picture/paper that may be in it, and the backing. You want it to be nothing but the frame.


Now, you're going to cut your string (fairly long, you can always cut it after you tie it) and loop it around your frame. I looped mine twice but did not tie it to the frame. From here, you will take your vase and tie the string around it. If you have a vase that is like mine, just tie it in a knot or two on the handle. If you have one without a handle, wrap it around the top and secure it with a knot. You want to make sure your string isn't hanging too low past the frame for this step. 


Cut whatever excess string you have (or you can tie it in a bow) and stand your frame up to make sure everything looks good. Once everything is to your liking, you are ready for your 5th and final step! 

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Lastly, you are going to add your flowers/greenery! If you are using real flowers, add a little bit of water and stick your flowers in there. If not, just skip the water part =) I used some faux eucalyptus, cotton, and a peach-colored berry flower stem - all purchased at the craft store and Goodwill. Just plop them into your vase and TA-DA! You are finished with your beautiful hanging vase! 

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