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Your first step is to go out and buy just these 3 things! You know it's a great DIY project when you need very minimal supplies :-). I found the flower pot and book at our Wooster store, and I have had this hot glue gun for a while but I bought it at a local craft store for just $5.00!


Next, you're going to start tearing out the sheets of the thrifted book. My flower pot was a little smaller than the length of the pages so I also cut about an inch off of each end of them so that they were flush with the pot. Another great part was since I didn't tear out too many pages (maybe 20-30?), I could still use the book as decoration on my shelves!


Once you have your pages ready, you're going to start rolling and gluing. Roll up your pages as tight as you can get them, going longways. Once you get to the end, take your hot glue gun and glue a small, thin line down the entire page. Press them together for a couple of seconds and continue with the rest of your pages. 


Now for the final step - you're going to add them to your flower pot. Take your hot glue gun again and add another small thin line down the rolled-up page (I recommend making the glue line on the seam so that you don't see it once it's on the pot). Press it to the pot for a couple of seconds and repeat until you have circled the entire flower pot!  

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Add any touch-ups you may need - for instance I didn't tear out quite enough pages so I had to add a couple more. Once you're happy with it - you are finished!! 


Next, you can add some flowers or a plant to your pot! I just used some fake flowers I had laying around the house - but you can definitely go to your local greenhouse and buy a real one, or go to Goodwill and search for some greenery! 


Now, your fun, unique flower pot is ready to be styled in your home :-)

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