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The first thing you'll want to do is (you probably guessed it) head to one of our Goodwill stores! Go straight to the housewares section where you will find an aisle with tons of plates and vintage china. Find some saucer plates that you love and make sure there are enough for each letter you'll be writing! I chose to write "eat" so I picked 3 identical plates, but you could definitely pick different patterns as well. 


The only other supplies you'll need for this project are a non-permanent marker and a Sharpie.


Take your non-permanent marker and start carefully drawing your letters! I decided to do a calligraphy/hand-lettered look, but you can use any font you'd like! 


Once you're happy with where your letter is on the plate, start tracing over it with your Sharpie. If you have a plate similar to mine that is sort of bumpy due to the painted flowers, make sure you are extra careful and take your time with the letters. 


If you choose to do a hand-lettered look like mine, once you finish a letter, make sure your next letter starts where the last finished (i.e. I started with an "e" and lined up the start of the "a" with the end of the "e" and so on) to give it that "cursive" look. 


Once you've gone through each letter with your Sharpie and gave it any touch-ups it may need, you are finished! It's that simple!


Now you can place your beautiful, unique, new décor wherever you'd like! I will probably end up hanging mine above the walkway in my kitchen (heavy-duty Command strips

should work perfectly).


Some other fun ideas of what you could write on these are: "tea" if you have a tea room, "coffee" for a coffee bar, or "gather" for the dining room! 


The best part about these DIY's is you can adjust them to your style and

make them your own!

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