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Nurain (Sammy)


The wonderful staff in the [Goodwill] program are very helpful, caring, and supportive. They introduced me to the career world. They provide me with training on how to write a good resume, business email, career exploration, presentation and grooming skills as well as transportation to and from these training. They have also helped prepare me for the Boys and Girls Club National Youth of the Year competition. I also received financial support that enabled me to attend the Boys and Girls Club of Wooster Summer Camp and to take high school tests such as  the ACT and AP tests. They reward me for achieving and keeping good grades and good attendance. They gave me the opportunity to get a paid summer job at Wayne County Public Library Operation Center, which is a great place to work at.

I truly appreciate and enjoy the help and support from such an awesome program. I am sure that many other youth have benefited from the Goodwill’s Pathway to Success program.

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