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First, head to one of our stores and find your perfect bag. Whether it's a purse, tote, or a book bag...Goodwill always has so many to choose from! I found this cute floral book bag for just $4! 


After you've found your bag, head to your local craft store and get some iron-on patches. This is where you get to be creative and unique! I chose these 99 cent iron-on initial letters - but didn't stop there. I decided to make them even more fun and bought these little pearl beads to glue onto the letters. 

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Once you've purchased the items listed above, you are ready to start your easy, quick DIY! 


If you bought patches that you would like to keep as is, the rest of your project is pretty smooth sailing from here. Simply follow the directions with the iron-on patches, and iron them in your desired spots! (Another option if you don't want to iron is to hot glue them onto the bag.) Once you've completed that step, you are finished!


If you're like me and wanted to spruce up your patches, the next step is to grab a hot glue gun and start gluing on your beads. I also grabbed a pair of tweezers to place the beads onto the patches. For my patches, I glued the beads down the center, leaving the white edge. 


Once you've finished all your letters/patches, let them dry and cool down. Since you have already added beads to your patches, you will now need to glue them on instead of ironing them. (If you'd rather iron them on, you will just simply do that step before you glue on the beads.)


Feel free to spruce up your patches however you like! This is your time to be creative! Once you're happy with the way they are... you are finished!