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This was such a fun and super easy DIY for spring!! First, head to our stores and be on the lookout for a metal cheese grater like this one! This was pretty easy for me to find and I saw many others just like it. :) I got a smaller one, but a large one would work perfectly as well! Next, find some florals/greenery. I found mine at our Wooster store, but you can also find some for a couple of dollars at your local craft store as well [if by rare chance you strikeout at Goodwill ;-) ]. Then, you will need a hand towel! You can either use one you already have or buy a new, decorative one if desired! I got this plant printed one in the dollar section at Target for $3.00. I've seen similar ones at Goodwill, so be sure to check there first!



Lastly - the spray paint. This part is optional if you would like the grater to be something other than silver. I grabbed this Rust-oleum spray paint in the color "Oil Rubbed Bronze". Another pretty color for this would be hammered metal  to make it look galvanized! 


Next, your going to start spraying away! I found that the best place for me to do this was outside in the grass so I wouldn't get the spray paint everywhere. Shake your paint can, hold it about 5-10 inches back, and cover the entire outside of the cheese grater. There really isn't any way you can mess up on this step, just point and spray! :)


After you have your first coat of paint on, let it dry for about 20-30 minutes. Then, go ahead and repeat 1 or 2 more times. I put 2 coats of paint on mine and it was just perfect! 


Once the entire outside is dry, carefully paint the inside of the grater. This part doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure that the top part is covered for the most part because you might be able to partially see it once it is hanging.

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Once everything is completely dry, you are ready to start hanging! 


Find a spot in your kitchen or bathroom that you want to hang it, grab a hammer and nail, then hang up your grater with the wide open end facing up. Next, grab your florals and greenery and stick them in the top. Lastly, take your hand towel, place it on the handle, and there you have your super cute and rustic DIY hand towel holder! 


The best part about this project is you can keep it up year round and just change the greenery and theme of the towel based on the season! 

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