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Head to one of our 5 stores and be on the hunt for some candle votives and plates! This DIY is super fun, because you get to use your creative mind ☺ Our stores always have TONS of old candle votives, I found these at our Wooster store for $2 each, and there were still many more I could choose from! Now many of them weren't very pretty, but that is where your creative mind comes in - try to imagine what they're going to look like once their painted. But, something you do want to watch our for is the votives with a lot of detail on them - those can get tricky when trying to paint. 


Next, look for your plates! This was super easy, seeing as we have entire isles dedicated to housewares! Like I mentioned above, size and color are completely up to you! I went with white, choosing 2 different sizes/shapes. Each of my plates cost $.50, making my grand total just about $5.00!!


The remaining things you will need are chalk paint and a paint brush or paint sponge. I found this white chalk paint at the craft store for $5 and you can find paint brushes for $.50 - $1.00. 

image.jpeg (3).jpg

As you can see, my votives had little glass bowls glued to the top (and I did not want to keep them). So, you may not have to do this step but if you do, here is how to easily remove the glass! 


All you'll need is a towel to cover it up (so you don't get cut with glass), and a hammer! stand over the trash can or a trash bag, and gently hammer at the glass. it may take a couple hits but it will break. If it doesn't all come off at once, go ahead and remove the towel and very carefully hammer at the rest of the pieces of glass to get them off! One of mine came off in one hit, super clean cut, and the other took me a minute to get it all off! But in the end, its okay if the top doesn't look pretty, because it is going to be covered by a plate anyway ☺


Once your votives are all ready to go, grab your paint and brush and paint away! I only did one coat of paint for mine, because I am going to end up sanding them and giving them a distressed look. If you're wanting a sleek finish, you will probably need about 2-3 coats. 


Once your votives are fully dried, the next step is sanding (so you can skip this step if you choose not to sand). First you'll need your sand paper or sanding block (I found this little detailed sanding block at Lowes for $4). You'll want to use a fine-extra fine grit (about 100-320). And just start lightly sanding spots around your votive. I don't necessarily use a certain technique for this, I just sand it in random spots ☺. Once you're satisfied with how much you've distressed, you are finished with this step! 


Now, the final step! It is type to glue on our plates (or bowls). You're going to take your super/gorilla glue, and place small dots of glue all the way around the top rim of your votives. Very carefully, flip over your plates and votives and place the votives in the exact spot you want them, and gently press them together for about 15 seconds. After that, just let them sit while they dry. Once they are secure and dried, you are finished! 


And VOILA! You have some beautiful new pieces of décor! These stands can be used for anything! I will probably switch mine on and off, using them for cake/desserts when I need to, and using them as my kitchen island centerpieces for now. They are so beautiful, easy, fun, and universal! ☺

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