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Head to one of our stores and go to the book section! You're sure to find many options for this DIY. 


Look for 3 books that are pretty close to the same size. It's up to you if you want softback or hardback. I chose soft - (hardbacks are $2 each and softbacks are $1 each). 


Once you've found your books, grab some chalk paint and a paint brush from your local craft store or hardware store - I used leftover paint from my last DIY cake stand project! Next, get some twine or ribbon, a sharpie, and super glue if you chose softback books with thin covers.


There is no prep needed for this, so go ahead and start painting away! Depending on your preference and what kind of books you got, you can paint one or two coats. I did two because I had books with lots of graphics and writing on them. If I would have chosen neutral colored hardback books, I probably would have gone with a single coat to give it that whitewash rustic effect. :) 


If you chose softbacks with thin covers, you might need to utilize the super glue to attach the covers down to the pages so they don't curl after the paint is applied. Luckily, mine were thick enough and I could skip this step! 


Let your books dry for a couple of hours before stacking them together. I painted all of sides at the same time so flipping them up like this was the perfect way to dry them.


Once they are dry, it is time for the 4th and final step. 


Take your twine or ribbon and tie it around the three books. You knot it once around or cross and tie it like a present. I also added some greenery to the top of mine. :) 


Next, grab your sharpie and write your little quote or message on the side. I found on my books that the farthest, right side was best for this. Write whatever you want! Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas for this particular DIY. :) 


When you are finished, place it on your shelf, mantle, coffee table, or wherever you want! Now you have a simple, but beautiful piece of décor that adds some character to your space.

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